About Us

Who We Are

The GetUp&Move! Re-Creation Centre uses visual art, music, dance, writing, and audiovisual production to help participants discover their natural giftings.

The GetUp&Move! Re-Creation Centre is a Ministry for Christian Creatives – a faith-based non-denominational art centre. Our doors are open to everyone, young or old, irrespective of personal or religious beliefs. We believe that everyone was born with a gift. Sadly, most people do not know what their gifts are. Some live and die, never able to write books, put paintings on canvas, record the songs, or simply become who they were born to be. They take those gifts to the grave.

The Founder Roland Kangong is a multi-disciplinary artist. His books will open your eyes to the fact that you were born for a specific reason. God brought you to the world for a reason and a PURPOSE!

Come to The GetUp&Move! Re-Creation Centre. You will discover, refine, and profitably use your natural giftings to fulfill your destiny..

Participation in our programs is FREE but you need to register. We want you to be accountable for your journey and we want to help you attain your goals while keeping track of your progress.

Our approach

Our Mission
Our mission is to help community members of all ages become storytellers using dance, visual art, writing, and audiovisual production.
Our Vision
Empower participants to find their true creative identities and fulfill their destinies by identifying, refining, and using their natural giftings.
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